IT Supplies and Serviecs

At MechaTech we are dedicated to providing you with a solution that meets your technological needs. Many companies spend unnecessary time and resources resolving IT related issues rather than using these to focus on growing the business.



Along with our alliance partners, our services are all encompassing allowing you to have a one stop shop for all your IT services which includes but are not limited to;

  • Affordable cloud based Telecom Voice Solution increasing reliability and reducing your communication costs.
  • Online storage and backup solutions that allow you to access your data whenever you need it, from anywhere in the world. Having automatic backups gives you the assurance that your data is safe and prevents costly exercises caused from lost or corrupted data.
  • Other product areas of focus include notebooks, desktops, printers, servers, security, wireless connectivity, power and cooling, networking and software licensing.

We are able to manage your applications, hardware infrastructures, networking technologies and services, as well as any business critical systems that support your business operations.