The Remote Monitoring Temperature Unit is a Web enabled GSM reader which allows you to monitor temperatures in real time. These temperatures are displayed via a web portal where historical data and trends can be analysed.

GSM connections

GSM connection allows for the reader to be uses anywhere with cell phone signal eliminating the need for an internet connection making the device perfect for outside or remote monitoring.


Each reader has a watchdog installed that resets the reader periodically so any system freezes will not need to be fixed manually. 


Temperature sensors are completely water proof and can be submerged.

Extend sensor wires up to 5m.

Read temperatures from -55 to 125 degrees Celsius.

Accuracy of up to half a degree.

Up to 10 Sensors can be connected to one reader.

Web Portal

Data picker to easily compare data.

Link to download csv file which can be opened in excel so you can analyse or graph the data as you see fit.

Graphs showing you data trends and anomalies.