Water and Energy Solutions



Energy Systems

Back up
For most businesses it is critical to have a power back-up solution in place as down time means loss of revenue. This loss far outweighs the cost of installing a backup system.

Uninterrupted power Supply (UPS)
The benefits of a UPS system is that they are relatively silent and automatically switch over once there is a power failure. The short fall is that the run on batteries that need to be charged and will only last for as long as the batteries can provide power. They also have the following functionality:

  • Units will automatically recharge batteries when power is restored making it a hassle free solution.
  • You can get mobile units that can be relocated to whereever they are needed.
  • Most units incorporate a Low battery warning to allow preparing for shutdown.
  • The unit will regulate the supply to prevent over discharging the battery which would damage it.


Solar PV
The primary benefit of installing a solar system is that the batteries are charged by the sun meaning all the generated power is a resultant saving. We offer a wide range of solar products and will design a system to your specific needs free of charge.


A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy for use in an external circuit. The source of mechanical energy may vary widely from a hand crank to an internal combustion engine. These generally have the lowest capital outlay per available kW however as they normally run on a fossil fuel they are expensive to run. They also require regular maintenance to ensure that they are available to provide power when needed the most.


Power Measurement
We offer power measurement for any generation equipment so that you are able to monitor your load profile and make cost saving adjustments.


Water Systems

Water is slowly becoming the most valuable resources available us. With ever increasing water demand and pricing having control over your own supply and is becoming ever more attractive.


Bore Hole Water
The purpose of a bore hole is to provide a supply on sustainable groundwater. There are many reasons why people choose to invest in a borehole.
• Cost Saving, as there is no fee for the water once the infrastructure is in place.
• Water independence from municipal sources which often loose pressure or supply.
In most areas throughout South Africa, there are no local water authority restrictions on the use of groundwater making installation easy and hassle free.
You need to determine the quality of the water the borehole will provide. If this would be suitable for your requirements and if not a filtration or treatment system may be required.


Water Purification and Treatment
At Mechatech we aim to provide the perfect solution when it comes to water purification and treatments. To select the perfect system for your needs, a uniquely tailored solution is often required as water purification and treatment often has to be selected depending on the quality of the initial water and the desired resulting water.
Various solutions are offered include:
     o Water Plants
     o Design and Manufacture
     o Water Plant Maintenance
     o Water Treatment
     o Reverse Osmosis
     o Water Purification
     o Deionization Water Process
     o Water Softeners and Activated Carbon Filtration
     o Disinfection Systems (Including removing bacteria)
     o Desalination Plants
     o Grey Water Recycling
     o Chlorine Removal